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WiNet Business Internet Service

What We Offer

  • No Hidden Fees

    Eastern Time WiNet does not nickel and dime you with hidden fees or price hikes after the first year. The price you see is the price you pay forever after.
  • Low Latency

    Utilizing the latest in wireless technology, WiNet provides low latency and less jitter to improve your virtual meetings, VoIP Calls, and even your POS transactions
  • Reliability

    WiNet is designed to provide the best reliability possible offering a completely diverse path from traditional providers. We Pride ourselves on our 99.999% SLA and quick response when a problem does arise.
  • Monitoring

    WiNet Proactively Monitors your connection End to End for availability and Throughput capability
  • Wireless

    WiNet's Network is built around the latest in wireless technologies providing total diversity and a truly dedicated path
  • Direct Connectivity

    WiNet Connects directly to all of the major cloud providers and Content Delivery Networks, to provide a single network hop for most of your cloud needs
  • Privacy

    Our focus on privacy means we log the least amount of data possible while still maintaining usability. Unlike other service providers, we do not log sites you visit, how long you are on them, emails you send, or content you share. Under no circumstances does WiNet sell or otherwise release any data we collect.
  • Paperless Billing

    WiNet has gone green! We offer a fully online, self-service billing platform, eliminating the need for paper bills.

    Why choose WiNet?

    Eastern Time WiNet is family owned and operated internet service provider built around reliability, focused on privacy, and backed by 24/7 phone support. There is always a real person ready to take your call! We offer extremely low latency, averaging half of our competitors' offerings. This provides real world benefits to your business, providing less VoIP drops, better Video Call quality, and faster Transaction processing.


    25Mb/s Download
    10Mb/s Upload

    Great for small offices, Point of sales, and essential system backup connectivity

    50Mb/s Download
    15Mb/s Upload

    Perfect for small and medium offices with VoIP phones and occasional virtual meetings

    75Mb/s Download
    20Mb/s Upload

    The right choice for Medium offices with VoIP phones, and virtual meetings

    100Mb/s Download
    25Mb/s Upload

    The right choice for Medium offices with VoIP phones, and virtual meetings

    Perfect for Primary internet or an alternative path for when your primary connection goes down

    200Mb/s Download
    50Mb/s Upload

    Perfect for Larger offices

    Great for cloud backups, and full office primary or backup internet

    500Mb/s Download
    125Mb/s Upload

    Only Available in select areas at this time

    1000Mb/s Download
    250Mb/s Upload

    Only Available in select areas at this time

    The Alternative to fiber covering all your business needs

    You Call It

    With WiNet, you aren’t locked into our fixed packages, send us a message or give us a call to set up a package to meet your exact needs

    DIA, BGP, and other Enterprise connectivity Solutions

    Winet Can provide you with a true fiber alternative with reserved bandwidth, Advanced Routing, and 99.999% uptime. Along with our great network options, you also receive our Excellent customer service.

    Other Services

    Managed WiFi

    Fully Managed Network solutions

    Managed Firewall


    • I have had no interruptions in service for internet since having them as our provider. That to me is super important because I require that reliable service for work from home on a computer all day everyday in the medical field.

      - Gloria Polsinelli
    • Eastern Time's WiNet has been very reliable and affordable, with a local touch that the others don't have. When I call, they answer the phone. In the few cases we have had service issues, they have responded quickly, kept me updated, and restored service quickly - and this is on Sunday mornings: they understand when Internet service is most important to us. Definitely check them out and see if they can help you.

      - Eric Prostko / Fellowship Baptist Church

      How it Works

      After scheduling an installation with one of our representatives, you will be given a 1-hour window of when one of our friendly installation technicians will arrive. When our technician is on their way, you will receive a call or text from them letting you know an expected arrival time. Once the technician arrives, they will let you know their plan, and begin a site survey. The site survey involves positioning an antenna at the predicted installation location and testing signal strength. Upon verifying the signal strength, the technician will locate the best spot to bring a cable into the building. They will also document the cable run and verify where the final termination will be.

      If you have opted for a same-day install, the technician will verify the (paperless) contract is signed, any fees are paid, and begin the installation. The technician will mount an antenna in the surveyed location. WiNet provides a variety of mounting options including completely non-penetrating mounts depending on the location. The technician will then run an ethernet cable along the documented path, connect to a device to power the antenna, then connect to either one of our NIDs, or directly to your router, depending on the service requested. The service will be tested and verified showing it meets or exceeds the listed service specs.

      In the unfortunate scenario where the signal strength is not strong enough, our technician will inform you of such and let you know if there is anything you can do to rectify this (the most common resolution is trimming back trees). You will be asked if you would like to be put on a waitlist. WiNet is constantly expanding and adding new towers. The next one might be in your area and provide a different angle and better signal!

      Are you in our service area?

      You can check to see if you’re in our service area by clicking here and filling out the form.

      If you are not in our coverage area, the information will be used to help us choose our next coverage area. The more interest, the faster an area will be covered so tell your neighbors!

      Customer Portal

      Are you an existing customer? Use the button below to access your customer portal account.

      Contact Support

      Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries.

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