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Fire & Life Safety

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Fire and Life Safety

Bring peace of mind to your business through our comprehensive fire protection solutions.

Fire Alarm Systems

Protect Your Business Investments And Employees With Professionally Designed And Installed Fire Alarm Systems
  • Expedite fire, police, and EMS emergency response times
  • Detect smoke and fire before extensive property damage occurs
  • Meet building inspection and insurance requirements with a code-compliant system

Nurse Call Systems

Enact Standardized Nursing Communications In Your Facility For Improved Patient Experience
  • Two way voice patient care systems integrate with existing systems in your health facility like pagers, wireless phones, and ADT systems
  • Wired and wireless call systems add flexibility in new construction or retrofit installations
  • Visual and tone-based systems ensure ease of use for staff and patients alike

Testing & Inspections

Scheduled Testing Ensure Fire Safety Systems Meet Compliance Standards And Are Ready To Respond To Emergencies
  • Ensure detectors, notification devices and all related fire alarm devices are tested so if/when the system is called to action, it performs flawlessly
  • Confirm that alarm signals reach monitoring stations and maintain code compliance with your local Fire Department
  • Minimize false alarms that waste time and resources

Service & Maintenance

Servicing And Maintaining Devices For Reliable Safety Year After Year
  • Proactive service and maintenance plans test your system before there’s an emergency
  • Stay on top of federal, state, and local compliance codes and inspections with ease
  • Maintain systems to increase safety, update labeling as areas change and conduct proactive PM cycles


Back Your Fire Alarm Technology With Proactive 24/7 Monitoring Services
  • Trust our certified agents to monitor and field alerts, even during power outages
  • Immediately dispatch fire, police, or medical services in emergencies
  • Guarantee timely responses for ultimate peace of mind

Two-Way Communication System

Supervised Solutions to Help Protect the Disabled Community
  • Two-way communication on a supervised and monitored line so no one is ever left in the dark
  • Code compliant and required solutions that can be found in elevators, stairwells and lobbies
  • Easily retrofit to allow safety in buildings prior to code requirement changes

Mass Notification Systems

UL Listed Emergency Messaging Tool That Communicates Critical Alerts When It Matters Most
  • Communicate live, up-to-the-minute emergency information to everyone simultaneously
  • Timely updates sent to an entire building or campus in seconds
  • Reduce confusion and misinformation during life-threatening situations

Gas Detection Systems

Many gasses, including carbon monoxide, are difficult to detect without the proper detection equipment
  • Alerts your team immediately if hazardous gasses are present in the air
  • Ensures air in warehouses, confined spaces, and manufacturing facilities is safe to breathe
  • Integrates with your mass notification and fire alarm systems for robust emergency response

Design, Engineering, and Project Specification

Eastern Time’s Full Service Team on Hand to Help Design Systems To Suit Any Setting
  • Optimal system design and performance is guaranteed by our full-service team of designers, technicians, programmers, and installers
  • Certified design and engineering team to make sure your team is aware of the most up to date life safety technology
  • Full budgeting as you prepare to plan for the funding

Vape Detection

Make schools a healthier, safe place with Triton Sensor Vape Detection
  • Get instantaneous automatic alerts whenever vaping is detected that can be sent to multiple people (teachers, principals, etc.)
  • Easily synchronized with security cameras and tested to detect vaping emitted from Juul, Puff Bar, SMOK, Vuse, and many other vape and THC emitting vape devices (dab pens)
  • Fine-tuned by Triton engineers for high accuracy and low false-positives across a far range

Protect the People & Places That Matter Most

Bring first-class life safety solutions to your business with our team of certified technicians and technology engineers.
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