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Meet the companies that we call partners. They form the foundation of our product specifications thanks in part to their best-in-class performance, breadth of product offering and ongoing technological innovation.
Eastern Time, Inc. has partnered with Edwards for 40 years and has been the go-to solution the entire time. Edwards brings over 150 years of proven dedication to their customers and offers award-winning modular, scalable, and versatile solutions ranging from notification appliances, detection, incident management, and emergency responder communication. These are the most advanced innovations in the industry and are easy to implement, quick to service, and secure from cyberthreats. You can expect unparalleled service with backward-compatible features that make upgrades less overwhelming than competitors’ systems. Edwards proudly offers a 10-year extended warranty that protects your fire and life safety investment well into the future, so be sure to ask your dealer what Edwards can do for your facility.
The spaces where you work, live, travel and learn are essential to your existence, so have confidence that you’re protected to accomplish your mission now and long into the future with LenelS2. As the global leader in advanced physical security solutions, LenelS2 is the correct solution for small businesses and global enterprises alike. Every company has its own unique challenges, and LenelS2 has access control, video management, mobile credentials, and advanced security services that will leverage powerful core technologies and partner integrations. Gain insight from a media-rich, unified interface that lets business owners protect employees and assets while simultaneously reducing risk and increasing operational productivity. LenelS2 is part of Carrier, the worldwide provider of sustainable building and cold chain solutions, so the company is positioned to bring all-encompassing approaches to building security.
Imagine being able to bring all of your surveillance tools together into one comprehensive interface? It’s possible with Milestone XProtect video management software, which is an open platform designed to integrate with an ever-expanding community of security camera manufacturers, application providers, and software developers. Milestone is the safe and reliable choice when it’s time to invest in a video surveillance system for your business, and it’s customized to suit your unique security needs. With over half a million customers worldwide, you have proven performance and 24/7 peace of mind. As you add additional cameras and surveillance components, know that you can scale from small businesses to global enterprises with ease. Simple to use despite being sophisticated on the back-end, you can keep your employees, customers, assets, and data protected against internal and external threats.
West Com
As an industry leader and innovator, West-Com helps optimize your patient care environment by making emergency preparedness easy. West-Com nurse call systems improve patient safety for health organizations with powerful tools designed to improve patient safety and clinical workflow across the care continuum. Improve patient outcomes for every patient population you serve with over 35 years of experience. Designed, installed, and implemented to adhere to strict staff and patient safety protocols, West-Com nurse call systems are robust and integrate well with other information systems and equipment with full-service consulting assistance throughout product adoption phases. West-Com offers a wide range of solutions from hospitals, senior living, clinics and community care to provide protection to many different members of the community.
Established in 1975 as the R&D department of a Missouri security company, DMP is now the standard-bearer for commercial security. Scalable solutions for video surveillance, fire detection, access control, alarm communications, monitoring and intrusion protection allow them to serve clients in residential, commercial, government, retail and financial sectors. With extensive compatibility between their products ranging from power supply to control panels, it's easy for clients to build reliable tailor-made solutions. In addition, easy-to-use branded user interfaces are available for all their systems. Headquartered in the same Springfield, MO location in which they were founded, the company designs, engineers and manufactures all their products in the United States. Each component is 100% tested before distribution with a full in-house team throughout the process ensuring quality and expediency.
Whether your needs are simple or sophisticated, Bogen offers a variety of solutions for every application requirement, and has proudly done so since the brand’s founding in 1932. Telephone paging systems, commercial audio, and education and commercial market communications systems are indispensable to clients’ daily operations. Truly, hearing is believing with Bogen. Amplifiers, speakers, and intercom systems offer music, paging, and educational applications for many industries worldwide. Known for ease of use by end users, Bogen is also heralded for simple installation. Bogen sound systems are technically advanced, meet all regulatory requirements, and the Orlando-based Research & Development Center continues to maximize product development efficiency.
JBL Synthesis
JBL® Commercial Series, a dynamic blend of the best HARMAN brands, knows for any business, the audio system is essential to keeping your customers informed and captivated.

Leveraging the expertise honed by years of precision sound reproduction and technical innovation by JBL and other HARMAN brands, JBL Commercial crafts top-quality components to offer you high-performance yet affordable sound systems.

By providing a premium listening experience for decades in everything from large arenas to private homes, JBL is one of the most recognized and respected brands in the audio industry. Capitalizing on JBL’s legendary achievements in audio engineering and technology enables JBL Commercial to set new standards in sound.

That means you’ll find that our integrated array of mixer-amplifiers, amps, mixers, speakers, microphones, and wall controllers delivers precise, reliable sound in any commercial application, from soothing spas to bustling bars.

As your single-brand source, JBL Commercial Series simplifies the search for high-performance, comprehensive and versatile audio solutions for your business.
JBL Synthesis
For over 50 years, Aiphone has provided high-performance intercom and security communication products in North America. Superior service, solutions and support make this Japanese brand one of the most reliable in the security communications industry. Government buildings, healthcare facilities, multi-family residences, and other applications are all possible with Aiphone’s scalable commercial intercom system technology. Empower security teams, employees, and residents with mobile apps, self-service kiosks, and virtual receptionists that help maintain access control. Start in one small business office or expand to a multi-campus educational facility with ease thanks to future-forward design planning from Aiphone.
ADRF has over 20 years of experience and an international presence thanks to its high-performance DAS and repeaters solutions that have revolutionized nearly every industry in the world. Scalable, wireless solutions meet every business’s unique demand and provide a path to future scalability. The highly customizable platform lowers ownership costs so you only need to invest in the features you want, and the brand’s vertically integrated supply chain offers the industry’s shortest lead times. If you need coverage for your hotel chain, educational facility, commercial real estate, or transportation facility, then ADRF has the systems solutions you need for continual success.
Located in Sussex, WI, RATH has over 30 years of experience and is the largest manufacturer of emergency phones in North America. Connection and protection are at the foundation of everything RATH does. RATH emergency response solutions are found in elevators, lobbies, healthcare facilities, and offices worldwide and feature SmartView two-way visual communication, cellular and IP communication, and phone line detection and monitoring capabilities. RATH takes pride in being the code and training expert, offering extensive documentation and educational resources to assist companies in making the right emergency communication decision for their industry.
Atlas Sound
Technology is everywhere in the modern world, and AtlasIED continues to strategically evolve solutions to address modern challenges in industries such as IT and security. Over 80 years of expertise offer incredible value with intentional, expertly-designed integrated solutions. Leverage business music and speech privacy in corporate offices or incorporate BAA- and TAA-compliant communications systems and audio technologies in government facilities. With AtlasIED, you have a solid foundation for excellent audio and communications management that will serve your business well into the future.
QSC has brought immersive high-fidelity audio environments to commercial and homeowners for over the past 50 years, ensuring that any working space can serve an elevated and accessible entertainment experience. From QSC you can expect high performance and high reliability with every aspect of their products. Their scalable solutions make bringing upgraded audiovisuals and high-end equipment to any project a breeze for this trusted brand. With advanced manufacturing and quality control processes, QSC responds to its customers’ needs and surpasses their expectations with every new installation and setup. The brand’s expertise is made clear with every AV performance from their top-quality products.
Founded by former Apple engineer Robert Pera in 2005, Ubiquiti is committed to connecting everyone to everything, everywhere. Ubiquiti develops high-performance networking product platforms ranging from long-range wireless equipment to reliable home routers, as well as software and internet services that transform organizations for the internet economy. A global leader in managed wi-fi systems, Ubiquiti networking solutions excel even in the most demanding of environments. Whether you’re interested in high-capacity distributed internet access or unified IT solutions, you can expect superior performance, clever mechanical design and ease of use every time. Ubiquiti is headquartered in NYC but has several office locations all around the world.
Holding over 100 patents and employing over 600 engineers in over 40 global offices, Extron is the AV technology leader. Extron offers more than 5,000 products dedicated to enhancing AV processing, distribution and control in a wide range of industries and applications. Large AV systems are easy to deploy through asset management tools that let professionals manage multiple systems simultaneously. Over the past 30 years, the Anaheim, CA-based company has showcased its products in corporate, industrial, government, educational and retail/entertainment environments. Their wide array of audiovisual technologies is ideal for any scale or budget, whether for a corporate training room, emergency operations center or theme park. You’ll have all your needs met with their huge catalog, including DTP systems, AV over IP, fiber optics, streaming AV and room scheduling solutions.
Time matters when there is an emergency, and VESDA ensures safe and orderly evacuations when and where it matters the most. Xtralis invented VESDA’s very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) and leads the industry in safety. Add modules to detect hazardous or combustible gases, and add environmental monitoring and gas detection to go beyond the basics of smoke detection. By continually sampling the ambient air, VESDA is able to measure impending fire hazards early and allows business owners to respond quickly and more effectively than competitors’ brands. From wide-open large spaces to small environments, VESDA’s multi-level detection provides a reliable and highly sensitive response.
With over 100 years of experience, Kidde is a sister company of Edwards and brings a similar type of product and support to the fire and life safety market. Kidde brings innovation and a deep history to their customers and offers award-winning modular, scalable, and versatile solutions ranging from notification appliances, detection, incident management, and emergency responder communication.
Hanwha offers end-to-end advanced video surveillance solutions featuring the most advanced cybersecurity in the industry. As the leading manufacturer in intelligence video surveillance for diverse industries and applications, the company sells IP cameras with AI capabilities, storage devices, monitors and management software. Their products feature world-class optical design and image processing technologies for surveillance that anticipates threats to best secure people, property and data. Hanwha security solutions are scalable and can be found in a wide range of applications worldwide, including retail, transportation, education, banking, hospitality and healthcare.
Axis is the market leader in network security solutions for industries spanning retail, hospitality, transportation, government, healthcare, education and even smart cities. Founded in 1984 in Sweden, Axis offers a wide range of scalable security solutions. Axis also offers an extensive range of technical support tools to help customers get the most out of their investment. After creating the first-ever network camera in 1996, Axis committed to leading the IP video market with the largest portfolio of products to meet as many security needs as possible. Today, Axis continues to help meet the growing need for a smarter, safer world.
Cost-effective, non-proprietary fire alarm solutions ensure small to medium buildings are protected. Ideal for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, commercial complexes, government buildings, and retail spaces, Fire-Lite, part of Honeywell Fire, offers a robust product portfolio throughout North America. Rest assured your equipment meets all necessary code requirements, and enjoy having a knowledgeable technical support team always looking out for you. Smoke detectors and mass notification systems are just a few of the essential offerings from this American-based brand headquartered in Northford, Connecticut.
Roam Alert
Stanley Healthcare’s WanderGuard solution pioneered electronic wander management, becoming the most widely deployed wander management system in use at more than 6,500 senior living communities. Now, the next-generation solution WanderGuard BLUE sets the pace for the industry in protecting residents at risk of wandering, taking our legacy of performance and innovation to new heights.
Monitor, dispatch, and report using a Keltron system featuring universal compatibility with various alarm signaling technologies and alarm panel brands. In emergencies, operators and dispatchers receive event-specific information to more accurately and effectively respond. Consider a cost-effective, facility-wide Keltron system for a unified, single-operator view of essential campus and multi-site facilities. Keltron was founded over 50 years ago in the heart of the Massachusetts high-tech region and empowers campus and multi-building facility managers to take a comprehensive view of their fire and life safety event management systems. Improve overall situational awareness with the fastest, most accurate response system available on the market today.
Triton Sensors is the industry leader in affordable vape detection and advanced air quality insight. We design, produce, and sell two vape detectors and software that monitor the air for vape emissions. Triton’s cutting-edge technology provides customers with real-time knowledge of when and where your students are vaping. Our main focus is making schools a healthier, safer place by empowering administrators to restrict vaping. Triton was founded on the belief that everyone deserves to breathe clean air – especially children, teens, and young adults.
Founded in 2008 by Wattre and Ultra Electronics – USSI and headquartered in Columbia City, Indiana, HyperSpike offers a wide range of acoustic hailing devices, from indoor and outdoor emergency notification and paging systems to mobile turnkey packages to military communication devices. In case of a potentially hazardous event like an active shooter or a general public announcement, HyperSpike delivers a crystal-clear message. Messages conveyed by emergency notification systems need to be dependable and easily comprehensible. HyperSpike stands out from other emergency systems due to its dedication to its mission and the advantages it offers, including superior voice intelligibility, powerful acoustic coverage, lightweight and compact speakers, precisely engineered amplification options, easy installation, cost-effective solutions, and free on-site demonstrations and sound mapping.

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