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3 Types of Businesses That Need a Wireless Internet Upgrade


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Staying connected is the ultimate priority when it comes to running a business, no matter the size. Effectively communicating with employees, vendors, and patrons is imperative, but the modern world requires businesses to connect in a way that many are still learning how to navigate. With wireless internet solutions, your Lehigh Valley, PA, business can operate at its ultimate potential and with the most important stakeholders with ease. Keep reading below to learn three types of companies that need to consider a wireless network upgrade and how Eastern Time can make it happen!

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1. Retail Spaces

Having your point-of-sale system and credit card readers connected to a high-speed encrypted network is imperative. Our wireless internet offers the same stability and reliability as a wired connection that retail establishments require but with the added flexibility for wireless terminals. Additionally, it has become an expectation rather than an exception for businesses to have a separate, password-protected wireless network available for customers to get connected.  We provide both the retail owner and customer facing solutions.

2. Professional Offices

Wireless internet connections let smartphones, laptops, and tablets connect quickly. Sharing presentations during Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls is a cinch with the strategic installation of wireless access points throughout the office suite. Your team can experience a world with no more dropped video calls, pixelated slide decks on the conference room screen, and slow downloads in the office. Think about how much more productive your office can become!

3. Hospitality Industries

If you are the manager of a resort or hotel, then you’re aware of just how important it is to have wireless connectivity throughout your establishment. Guests want speedy but secure connections in their rooms as they wrap up work presentations the night before their conference presentation. Conference attendees want immediate connectivity as they make their way to each breakout session and panel discussion. 

For your staff, security is imperative in the hospitality industry due to the sheer nature of personal data your business requires from people in order to operate. Our team will ensure all proper firewall protection and access controls are instituted so that only approved individuals can connect to your network, and everyone’s credit card records, addresses, and other sensitive information stays protected.

Your Commercial Solutions Partner

At Eastern Time, our team takes pride in creating personalized support from factory-trained technicians with decades of experience. We’d be honored to bring wireless internet and other time-saving and effective commercial solutions to your business. Connect with us here or call us to start a conversation about your project ideas. 

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