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4 Types of Businesses That NEED CO Detection Systems

A department building hall with CO detectors installed on the ceiling.

Beware of the silent killer!

In a world where the pace of technological advancement is matched only by the growing complexities of our commercial spaces, the need for precision in safety measures has never been more critical. Carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas, poses serious risks, as early detection can be challenging. As businesses prioritize the integration of cutting-edge technologies, the strategic implementation of CO detection solutions tailored to specific industries emerges as a cornerstone for a secure and commercial space.

Join us on this blog to explore how tailored CO detection solutions can be aligned with the unique demands of different commercial sectors to ensure every business in Lehigh Valley, PA, becomes a safer space.

Colorless, Odorless, and Deadly: Why Carbon Monoxide Detection Matters

Colorless, Odorless, and Deadly: Why Carbon Monoxide Detection Matters

Protect Your Patrons, Staff and Business with Proper CO Detection Equipment

Are you aware that hotels, multi-family dwelling buildings, certain commercial facilities and schools in the state of Pennsylvania are required to have CO detectors? The use of CO detectors is an essential safety measure around any fossil burning fuel device, but they are now more critical than ever as the weather gets colder. 

The International Building Code (IBC) governs the above requirement of CO detection at these locations and is a model code that provides minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare of the occupants of new and existing buildings and structures.  Please find attached reference from IBC 2021, Chapter 9, Section 915.

Keep reading to understand the importance of CO detection for your business property in the Lehigh Valley, PA, region. You’ll discover how you can protect yourself and your company with preventative action.

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