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Wireless Life Safety Systems Need a Powerful Infrastructure


Let Eastern Time Transform Your Business by Leveraging Wireless Technology to Address Your Building’s Safety and Security Needs without Costly Installation

Nearly every commercial life safety system the Eastern Time team installs has a wireless component to it. Wireless options are vital to the modern workplace, whether you’re headquartered in Allentown, PA, or have multiple locations across the globe. 

Discover the benefits of a robust wireless internet component to your systems below. We’ll cover several vital systems and products we can incorporate into your business to keep employees and clientele safe.

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Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems are an essential component of every facility, detecting smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide before extensive property damage or loss of life occurs. With wireless connectivity to our monitoring station, you can remove costly phone lines and expedite emergency response rates. Our team can also ensure timely remote updates without having to step foot on your property.

Access Control

Imagine protecting your property without needing traditional keys, which become a liability when lost, stolen, or an employee leaves the company. Business owners and managers can take advantage of our all-in-one Wi-Fi and POE lockset options, reducing the cost associated with traditional hard-wired access control systems. Keycard access, remote locking/unlocking, and sitewide shutdowns are all made possible with wireless connectivity.

Intrusion Detection

Adding security that encompasses your entire commercial property, especially for older sites, could be a cost-prohibitive endeavor if it weren’t for wireless intrusion alarms and sensors. Sensors placed at doors, windows, garages, and even hallways all work together to notify management staff of intrusion and breached locations without the higher cost of cabling.


Wired and wireless surveillance camera systems provide a comprehensive picture of what’s happening in your business, even when you’re not there. Your security and surveillance system connects wirelessly to our servers via point-to-point or point-to-multi-point antennas, even in hard-to-reach areas of your facility. 

Commercial Audio

With wireless microphones, speakers, and digital signal processors, you can transform your daily operations without being stuck in one location due to wires. Public address systems, mass notification alerts, and the powerful behind-the-scenes components that run these sound systems all rely heavily on wireless signals. But it takes expansive coverage to be successful, which is why Eastern Time will assess your entire property to ensure your devices and network work as they should.

Presentation Technology

Wireless video conferencing technology keeps your stakeholders connected, no matter where they’re located across the globe. Employees, vendors, contractors, and more can all communicate effectively and efficiently with a presentation technology installation. With one tap of a finger, laptops and other devices connect wirelessly to the large display screen at the front of the room. Media switchers make this efficient wireless presentation model work for your facility, so there’s no more need for stockpiling seemingly random wires and dongles to connect devices anymore.

Nurse Call Systems

The medical field can benefit tremendously from wireless nurse call systems incorporating dome lights, pendants, room sensors, and other call devices. Assisted living facility residents and hospital patients from brands like West-Com even provide comprehensive staff training on installed systems to make sure every feature is effectively utilized. 

Wireless Towers

Internet service towers serve as the backbone of many of our installed wireless systems, keeping businesses connected so that their hardware and software systems run effectively and without service disruption. Pair wireless internet with remote management, and our WiNet service proactively monitors your connectivity remotely. Eastern Time is always here for our customers, even once our technology installation is complete!

If you’re ready to bring advanced wireless solutions to your business, then it’s time to contact Eastern Time! Chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or fill out our contact form to begin exploring your needs.

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