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Assisted Living Facilities Need Wireless Nurse Call Systems

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Protect Your Residents & Improve Peace of Mind with State-of-the-Art Technology

Providing freedom of movement to the residents in your assisted living facility is paramount for resident safety and satisfaction. However, ensuring their protection can be difficult if your facility isn’t outfitted with the latest technology upgrades it needs. 

With a wireless nurse call system, you provide residents autonomy while ensuring healthcare workers can respond to incidents promptly and effectively. Keep reading below to learn more about this wireless system that adds independence and protection for your residents in Easton, PA.

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What Is a Wireless Nurse Call System?

A wireless nurse call system incorporates wireless pendants, sensors, receiver networks, dome lights, messaging, and call devices into one easy-to-use system that communicates with a central nurse call station. Long-term care facilities, memory care wings, rehabilitation clinics, and other skilled nursing sites can all benefit from this comprehensive, site-wide healthcare solution.

Sensors are unobtrusive to a resident’s daily living experience and are placed next to beds and appropriate areas within shared community rooms for notification. Pull cords can be added in bathtubs, showers, and bathrooms, and dome lights are added in the hallway outside of rooms. TAP (Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol) wireless messages are sent from these sensors to pagers, wireless phones, and two-way radios monitored by healthcare provider teams. 

Streamlined Installation

With multiple shifts, resident occupancy changes, and other variables that affect your assisted living facility, installing a new nurse call system may initially seem overwhelming. The Eastern Time team has extensive experience working in the healthcare field, so we understand the need to adhere to strict staff and patient safety guidelines as well as privacy regulations. Our flexible installation schedules can accommodate your facility’s unique workflow and residents’ needs without limited interference to your daily operations. The wireless deployment allows our team to get your residents the protection they need quickly and with minimal disruption.

Ample Staff Training

Many managers have had poor past experiences with integrating new technologies into their facilities due to employees feeling overwhelmed with learning how to operate many devices. Instead of overwhelming your team with new devices and functionality, leaving them to fend for themselves, our Eastern Time team members will train all of your staff shifts. In addition, our call system partner, West-Com, provides free technical training courses for the life of your system. 

Improved Satisfaction

With a robust wireless nurse call system in your assisted living facility, the residents, families, and staff members have higher satisfaction rates. Families feel their loved ones are supported and their safety needs are addressed. Residents rest easier knowing that a fall or other emergency won’t go unanswered. And your team feels prepared and capable of adequately responding to situations promptly. Having the proper technology tools installed and at the ready is paramount to everyone’s improved peace of mind and protection.

Your Healthcare Systems Integrator

Could your facility also benefit from other safety-minded technologies, such as fire alarms, resident wander, surveillance cameras, and access control? If you’re ready to protect your residents or patients in a new way, consider a wireless nurse call system that effectively integrates with all of your reliable technology systems. Connect with our team here to start a conversation about your needs!

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