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Protect Your Office Building with Advanced Access Control Measures

Man using RFID keycard to access an office building.

Going Above & Beyond to Keep Your Commercial Properties Protected

Staying aware of what’s happening in and around your office building can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools. Having the correct tools at your disposal can save time, energy, and lives in some scenarios. That’s why many of our clients in Allentown, PA, and the surrounding Lehigh Valley region incorporate advanced office access control systems into their daily operations.

If you’re wondering how this security addition can improve your business while protecting your investments, keep reading below to learn more about one of our favorite access control brands - LenelS2.

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Why Does My Office Need Access Control?

Many office buildings give employees traditional keys to lock and unlock doors to meeting spaces, offices, warehouses, IT server rooms, and more, but there’s quite a bit of management that comes with this. Handing out keys to new employees isn’t too big of an issue, but retrieving keys from terminated employees is a critical step that can sometimes seem impossible, depending on the circumstances of the employee separation. 

Besides keyless entry, an access control system may also incorporate intrusion alarms, video surveillance systems, and building systems. You will also have options for deployment setup, so you can use browser-based apps, network appliances, or the cloud! Having all your integral office systems accessible through one easy interface can make your daily operations more effective and efficient. Plus, there’s no need for extensive remodeling or construction with a new system, either. With various wireless access control locks available, you can have maximum system flexibility and a quick installation experience.

User Management Dashboard

Instead of collecting keys or changing locks, an access control system can keep your office protected with a few clicks of a button. A back-end dashboard provides managers with an intuitive and simple-to-use interface for extensive user management. New hires are given access immediately, and resignations are handled in seconds. Plus, add and easily remove access to different areas of your building. Unique employee access codes, keycards, and mobile digital access are all possible depending on the type of system you decide to incorporate into your business. 

What Can LenelS2 Offer?

No matter the size or industry of your business, LenelS2 brings innovation and performance to the table. The corporate office environment is perfect for open platform unified access control and video management solutions, and this brand brings bespoke options to your business.

Whether it’s the comprehensive OnGuard system for complex enterprise deployments, NetBox’s easily scalable browser-based solution, or Elements cloud-based platform for small- to medium-sized businesses, you’re in good hands with LenelS2 products. Our dedicated team will help you determine the best-suited solution for your unique business needs.

Start Exploring Options

If you’re ready to protect your office building with an innovative technology solution that simplifies daily operations, you can connect with our team here to begin exploring the possibilities. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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