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Enhance the Safety of Your Building with a Two-Way Communication System!

An exit signal indicating where to evacuate in an emergency.

Keep your property and occupants safe at all times!

In critical moments, reliable communication systems are the linchpin of any emergency response strategy. They serve as the vital conduit for timely information dissemination, enabling swift coordination among first responders and ensuring the safety of individuals in the building. 

Rath stands out as a trusted brand of top-tier two-way communication systems, renowned for their durability, clarity, and seamless integration with existing infrastructures. With Rath's cutting-edge solutions, emergency personnel can count on a robust platform that transcends challenges, guaranteeing swift and effective communication when it matters most. 

In today’s blog, we’ll explore how integrating these innovative systems in areas of refuge (ARA) can instill confidence and save lives in your Lehigh Valley, PA, building. 

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Understanding Two-Way Communication Systems

A two-way communication system is a sophisticated technology that allows for the exchange of information between two parties in real time. Unlike traditional one-way communication, where information flows in only one direction, two-way systems provide a dynamic and interactive platform, ensuring that communication remains clear and reliable, even in challenging environments.

The Importance of Areas of Refuge

Areas of Refuge (ARAs) play a crucial role in emergency preparedness and response. These designated safe zones within a building serve as temporary shelters for occupants who may face difficulty evacuating, particularly those with mobility impairments. ARAs are strategically located throughout a facility and are equipped with essential safety features. They provide a sense of security and reassurance to individuals during critical situations. Effective communication within ARAs is imperative, as it allows occupants to stay informed, request assistance, and receive guidance from first responders.

Integrating Two-Way Communication Systems in Areas of Refuge

Imagine a situation where a fire alarm has been triggered, and individuals in an ARA need assistance evacuating the building. Rath's two-way communication systems seamlessly bridge the gap between the occupants and first responders. Through clear audio and real-time communication, occupants can relay their location and any specific needs, and receive instructions on the safest and quickest route to safety.

In scenarios involving severe weather events, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, timely information is paramount. Rath's communication systems excel in providing crucial updates, such as weather alerts, evacuation status, and any additional instructions for their safety, ensuring occupants are well-prepared and can respond accordingly.

During a medical emergency within an ARA, immediate access to assistance is critical. Rath's two-way communication systems establish a direct line to first responders, allowing swift response and potentially life-saving interventions. Occupants can communicate their situation, medical needs, and receive guidance on providing initial care until professional help arrives.


At Eastern Time, we are deeply committed to helping you enhance the safety of your spaces. Contact our team right here to discover all the ways we can boost your security!

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