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The Basics of Emergency Communication Systems

Edwards Signaling inventory of emergency communication system devices next to a computer displaying a Wes-Com interface.

Let Eastern Time, Inc. Bring Innovative, Life-Saving Technologies to Your Facility

Time is of the essence whenever there’s an emergency. Valuable time is lost fumbling with phones, outdated call systems, and other devices when a life is on the line, which is a common occurrence in health facilities. 

Eastern Time, Inc. is the leading provider of emergency communication systems in Allentown, PA, and the surrounding areas. Keep reading to discover more about two of our prime brand partners, West-Com and Edwards, and why we trust them in our clients’ facilities. 

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Quick & Reliable Emergency Responses in Healthcare

At the heart of emergency response systems in the healthcare industry is the calling device. It can be as simple as a pull cord or pillow speaker or as sophisticated as a dome light and master station activated by a patient or staff member. When an issue arises, whether a fall or worse, then it’s time to spring into action. Inadequate networking, improper wiring, and outdated systems can leave too much to chance, so we rely heavily on premier brands like West-Com and our team’s system design and installation expertise. Peace of mind and security are our top concerns for your facility.

Communication Product Options

Besides patient-related emergencies, building incidents should be on your radar, too, and you should be prepared to respond quickly and effectively. Edwards offers an extensive suite of solutions that are sure to help you keep everyone safe! 

Smoke/heat/carbon monoxide detection coupled with the appropriate horn-strobe or speaker-strobe devices will notify your facility’s team and site managers should an atypical situation occur. Receiving an early alert before extensive property damage occurs reduces costs and insurance claims. They’ll receive alerts via smartphone push notification or text message immediately as an issue comes up and will feel empowered that they’re saving lives when deciding to evacuate a building, warehouse, or wing of the facility. 

A Comprehensive System

In addition to life-saving emergency communication system installations, our team will ensure your new or upgraded system is connected to essential response forces such as the local police station, fire departments, and EMS departments. This provides an expedited response, leaving nothing to chance when literal seconds count between life and death. 

Testing & Inspections

In addition to designing and installing your systems, Eastern Time, Inc. offers several testing, maintenance, and monitoring plans to support your systems long after we’re done with the installation and training your staff on how to use the system. We’ll confirm that signals reach the appropriate response stations and comply with local codes.

The Technology Expert You Can Trust

For all of your facility technology needs, Eastern Time, Inc. is here for you every step of the way through your project. We start with an extensive needs assessment to determine your use cases. Then, we propose the best-suited systems and integrations that will serve you now and far into the future as your business evolves and grows. 

Fill out our online contact form here or chat with a representative below to start a conversation about your needs. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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