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Here’s What You Need to Know About Intrusion Protection

closeup of a white DMP intrusion detection motion sensor with antenna

Revamp Your Commercial Security System with DMP & Eastern Time

When it comes to your commercial security system, do you know what you have in place? If you’re not quite sure of what systems and components you have in place—or worse, don’t have anything in place—then it’s time to reconsider your existing business protection in Lehigh Valley, PA.

One of the essential features safety-minded business owners and managers need is intrusion detection, and that’s why the Eastern Time team relies on DMP systems. Keep reading to learn more about this American-made company.

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Eastern Time Trusts DMP

DMP is an ideal brand solution for new projects and remodeled businesses alike. With a combination of wired and wireless intrusion detection, you can blanket your commercial property with a comprehensive security measure that won’t break the bank. DMP offers a combination of access control, burglary, fire, and intrusion detection with high-end components that are suited for many different industries.

Be Aware of What’s Happening

Managed by a powerful control panel, DMP solutions provide business owners with an easy-to-manage, quick-to-install security solution with multiple features including the Virtual Keypad remote application. Not only will you be able to monitor who enters your property and when, but you’ll also be able to determine if your employees are opening or closing your facility outside of a specified schedule. There’s nothing worse than leaving your company in the hands of people you trust, only for them to betray that trust.

Avoid System Failures

Intrusion panels also include a zone audit feature that sends our remote monitoring team an alert if a sensor fails to trip within a specified time. This lets us identify potential issues, such as sensor blockages or bypasses, that affect the efficacy of the security system. Couple this with a powerful Virtual Keypad remote application and you can have peace of mind with a proactive approach to keeping your facility secure.

The Experience

Here’s an example of how you can run your business when you have a commercial security system in place:

While you’re still at home, you receive an alert that the opening crew has disarmed the building’s alarm system via text message or Virtual Keypad app. You check the time, and the team is right on track with opening for the day. As you park in your business lot, advanced security cameras take note of your car, even making a record of your car’s arrival thanks to license plate recognition technology, just as it does for every other visitor. 

You enter your facility using a specialty keycard and go about your workday. Elsewhere in the building are wireless keypads for additional protection and easy virtual management. Managing your commercial security has never been simpler or more intuitive.

Your Trusted Commercial Security Expert

If you’re ready to increase the commercial security protections at your Lehigh Valley-area business, it’s time to contact Eastern Time. Connect with our team here to get started.

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